Under Armour Opts for Youth Athletes in New #CrushTheLimits Ad Campaign

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Sports apparel giant Under Armour has selected seven youth athletes from throughout the country to kick-start its new outerwear collection. The ad campaign focuses on how athletes are Crushing the Limits. In a first of its kind, youth athletes are now being recognized for all the hard work they put in as UA is counting on these star athletes to appeal to their peers.

Under Armour scoured the country to find a 14-year-old skier who holds two world records, a 12-year-old soccer player already being recruited by the National Premier League, an ice skater eyeing the next Olympics in 2022 in Beijing, a boxer in New York, twin snowboarders, and the 11-year-old world record holder in the 100-meter dash.

For 14-year-old Colorado Springs native Audrey Shin, whose dream is to make it to the 2022 Olympics, Crushing the Limits “means going for your goal, crushing all the obstacles in front of you.” All seven athletes have been profiled for the campaign and have individualized Under Armour highlight reels. “I really like being pushed; it’s all about the blood, sweat and tears,” said boxer Jesse Mehler. The 14-year-old also describes overcoming the pressure of being a youth athlete in New York: “The city is crazy — if you’re not on top of your game, you won’t survive.”

In each highlight reel the athletes are asked to describe themselves and what Crushing the Limits means to them. “Crushing the Limits is doing something that hasn’t been done and showing everyone it’s possible,” explains female twin snowboarders Devin and Barrett Hendrix from Avon, Colorado. Adds skier and world record holder Troy “T-Pod” Podmilsak of Park City, Utah, “It means pushing as hard as you can until you can’t push anymore.”

Being the first youth athletes to represent a major apparel company can be a lot to handle for a kid, but these elite athletes are taking it all in stride. “There has to be a balance between being a normal kid and being soccer crazy,” notes 12-year-old soccer star Chloe Shimkin. And Maxwell “Bunchie” Young, the 11-year-old 100-meter champion from Los Angeles, has amazing perspective for someone his age: “You have to have a drive, you have to have an attitude and definitely be humble.”