Matt Barnes & Snoop Dogg host 4th annual Athletes vs Cancer charity game

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Athletes and entertainers alike were battling it out on the football field in Matt Barnes and Snoop Dogg’s 4th annual Athletes Vs Cancer flag football game. Every person involved in the game on both sides of the ball has had cancer effect them or their families in some way, shape or form.  “Being out here to raise money for awareness of it and to get to the cure for it, that’s out of sight for me,” said Clipper Darrell, the MC of the event. Being invited to this star-studded event was exciting to the professional athletes and entertainers because not only were they able to use their stardom to raise money for this cause but they were also able to show off some of their football skills as well. Asked what sport he’s best at, Matt Barnes relayed it was football. “My first sport was football so that’s why we’re doing a football game today and we hope to raise a lot of money, said Barnes.

After loosing his mom to cancer in 2007, Barnes teamed up with Snoop Dogg four years ago and came up with a celebrity flag football game. Every year the game has grown as athletes have come on board to lend their support to help fight a disease that has plagued many families. “It’s a disease that took my grandfather’s life so it hits very close to home and I’m just appreciative that we can come out here and support a good cause, said MVP of the game, Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic.

The game was fun and exciting with spectacular plays from these talented athletes of all sports pairing up with each other. “My favorite part of the whole game was to be able to pitch it to an NFL legend in my eyes, that was amazing,” said Dakota Gonzalez, part of the Gonzalez twins. The twins played on different teams but had the same feeling about the game. “Getting to play with Jeff (Garcia) was, holy cow, but everybody out here, all the support it’s awesome to see, added Dylan Gonzalez.

The KSN had a blast hanging out and interviewing all the celebrities throughout the day. Our highlight mixtape of the game is coming soon!!

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